(Wo)man Maker

If you’re looking for an exercise which combines a lot of different movements and uses your entire body, the Man Maker (or Woman Maker 😀 ) is the right exercise for you.  This exercise is done slightly differently depending on the box you go to, but I’ve created a modified version based on the way we do it at CrossFit Singular Box.  The movement includes a cycle of:

  • Deadlift (only for the first rep)
  • Half burpee
  • Rowing with each arm while on your knees
  • Half burpee
  • Full clean
  • Thruster

I found that I needed to row on my knees because, while rowing with my good arm, I can’t stabilize my body with my Erb’s Palsy arm.

Below, you will find a tutorial from Paradiso CrossFit with a slightly different version of the Man Maker (which excludes the deadlift and uses push-ups rather than burpees), but it’s a great way to do the exercise as well!


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