CrossFit Competition #2

Last week, I completed my second CrossFit competition at CrossFit Singular Box! Looking back on it, I’m really proud of myself because I held my own and competed with some really strong girls whose work ethic I admire so much.

However, this was a challenging event. Nothing was modified in the first two WODs, which made it really difficult. It meant that I had to lift the same amount of weight as the other girls, but with much less strength from my left arm. The first WOD was the hardest for me. Hang Power Cleans are an exercise that I can do like everyone else, but they aren’t easy. I don’t think I had ever lifted so much weight for so many reps in this movement. It was hardest mentally for me. I didn’t finish this workout before the ten-minute time cap and I was beyond exhausted. My hands could barely grip the barbell towards the end. I looked around the room right before the time was called and found that the other girls had already finished. I realized I was comparing myself to everyone else, something I try never to do.

This is the tricky part about competitions. Although CrossFit is all about focusing on how much you’ve improved since you’ve started; in a competition it’s only natural to compare yourself to others. I really fought to stay positive and to try my best the whole day.

But it was worth it. We all had a fantastic time. The great thing about this box is that the coaches and members are so supportive of each other. They cheer everyone on until the last person has finished. They congratulate you and tell you that you are a “super campeona” (super champion) even if you didn’t do as well as everyone else. These are the reasons why I love CrossFit. The positive atmosphere is a beautiful thing. It’s something that many people do not get to experience and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it.

This day was a reminder of the importance of focusing on how much I’ve accomplished up until this point. Just the fact that I can participate in a CrossFit competition is an achievement for me. The doctors, who had encouraged me to steer away from sports, would be shocked to find out that I do this now. I have high expectations for myself and want to strive to be the best I can be and to continue improving. Sooo, when’s the next competition?!

CrossFit Competition Workouts:

WOD #1 (2 Rounds, Time Cap: 10 minutes)

CASH IN: 50 jumps over the bar
THEN: 21-15-9
Hang Power Clean 25 kg./55 lbs.
Kettlebell Swings 12 kg./26 lbs.
CASH OUT: 50 jumps over the bar


WOD #2

AMRAP for 3 minutes
Slam Balls 10 kg./22 lbs.
Deadlift 50 kg./110 lbs.
THEN: 1 minute break
Max rowing distance in 2 minutes


WOD #3 (Time Cap: 15 minutes)

Workout Modifications
50 wall ball shots (5 kg./12 lbs.) used 3 kg./7 lb. ball
2 shuttle runs
40 knee to up
2 shuttle runs
30 dumbbell snatches alternating arms (12.5 kg/27 lbs.) sumo deadlift high pull with my left arm
2 shuttle runs
20 jumping pull-ups jumped from a box
2 shuttle runs

*These are the exercises and weights that were used for the women.  Men did the same exercises at a heavier weight.

To read about my first competition in November, click here.


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